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Toggle %s Snoop Dogg Voice Pack Coming To Call Of Duty: Ghosts April 22

Posted By:  SURF @ 16 April 2014 - 07:33 AM



Call of Duty: Ghosts Snoop Dogg Voice Pack will be available on Xbox Live on April 22, according to a video developer Infinity Ward released.

The video shows snippets of voice-over work the rapper provided, including lines like "Rack up points by reaching the enemy portal, you dig," "Squad member active — my brother from another mother," and "Homies out the joint, it's party time."

"What interested me most about the project is my voice can be connected with a game that's so hip and so hood," Snoop Dogg said. "It says a lot. It's associated with greatness."

The voice pack will be released for other platforms at a later date.

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Toggle %s Cod Maxed Out Account Giveaway

Posted By:  metalbew @ 29 January 2014 - 07:22 PM



Did i just hear you right?

YES, it is free!


What is so special about these accounts you ask?

Well these accounts are fully maxed out on all cods beside Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare and World at War because i can give you it easily.



These accounts are free but only one person can get one account per month, and it is a contest!! YYAAAAYYYYYY



The contests will change every month that way there is always something different to do.



It starts February 1st, (seeing how its the end of January already), and will run until the end of the month.



The winner for the month gets the account, (limit one account per member).





What is included in the account-

account still has free name change


COD4-message me and i will invite to get the stats


WAW-"same as COD4"


MW2-Highest prestige, highest level, with unlock all


BO1-Highest prestige, highest level, with unlock all, and godmode class


MW3-Highest prestige, highest level, with unlock all, and invisiblity/godmode classes


BO2-Highest prestige, highest level, with unlock all


GHOSTS-Highest prestige, highest level, with unlock all


Please PM me if you have any questions

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Toggle %s First Ghosts Dlc: Onslaught Featuring Mike Myers

Posted By:  iCHEEEEEEEEEted @ 14 January 2014 - 12:15 PM


The first slice of downloadable content for Call Of Duty: Ghosts is called Onslaught and it’ll be out on January 28(XBOX only, ps3/4 will be late Feb.). That’s pretty much as you’d expect, with four map packs due in total – each containing four multiplayer maps and one based on the alien-themed Extinction mode.
In Onslaught you also get a new gun called the Maverick, which can be used as either an assault rifle or sniper rifle. But perhaps the most interesting thing about the pack is that one of the maps, called Fog, lets you play as Michael Myers from the Halloween movies.
If you complete a field order you get to make the transformation, but you not only get an axe when you do but the film’s theme tune follows you around as well. Although the cabin in the woods style map design seems more Evil Dead or Friday the 13th than Halloween.
The other three maps are more straightforward, with Bayview being an American seaside town where you can call in offshore destroyers for artillery support. Meanwhile, Ignition is a remake of Scrapyard from Modern Warfare 2 and allows you to set off the engines on a launching space rocket.
Finally, Containment revolves around a dried-out riverbed and lets you set off a radioactive missile if you complete a field order.


The Extinction map is called Nightfall and is billed as the first episode in a four part campaign which, together with the map that came with the game, tells the story of why why aliens are there in the first place. The map also introduces a new weapon, a new partially invisible enemy, and a giant-sized new boss.

As usual the map pack will cost around $14.99 on its own and around $49.99 as a season pass with all four downloads. Also as usual the download will be out on Xbox Live first, with the other versions following around a month later.

In other Call Of Duty news today developer Sledgehammer Games has been caught advertising for new staff to work on ‘the next Call Of Duty game’. Or at least it used to say ‘the next’ according to website Gearnuke, now it just says ‘a next-gen Call of Duty game’.

Sledgehammer were created by Activision specially to work on Call Of Duty but their co-developer credit on Modern Warfare 3 is the closest they’ve ever got to making a game on their own.

They’ve been rumoured to be working on their own game before, creating a three-year cycle with Infinity Ward and Treyarch, but it’s never come to pass – despite other job listings similar to this. The description gives no clue as to what setting the new game might have, despite rumours of a return to the Second World War or a more sci-fi style game.





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Toggle %s Steam Machine Priced To High?

Posted By:  Trendzy @ 11 January 2014 - 10:46 PM



I’ve given it some time. The Steam Machine unveilings occurred earlier this week. It’s no longer just a gut reaction, but instead a feeling I trust: I am unimpressed with each and every “Steam Box” that was unveiled.


Granted, I’m not exactly the demographic Valve is looking for. If I’m playing a game on a PC, I want to sit at my desk with a 24 inch monitor and use a mouse and keyboard. That’s a PC experience, that’s why I enjoy playing my shooters on my PC: I want that up close and intimate feeling. That’s not a feeling I get with a console.


That’s not to say I’m not going to enjoy Titanfall on my Xbox One or didn’t enjoy Gears of War on my Xbox 360. Those experiences just don’t compare to, say, Left 4 Dead or Dota 2. I don’t lean forward in my chair playing on my console; I lean back and get comfortable.

It’s not just about sitting comfortably, but also playing comfortably. That’s how I feel with the mouse and keyboard setup. It’s something I’ve been accustomed to for almost twenty years. I grew up playing Doom and Quake with a mouse and keyboard. I then moved to Return to Castle Wolfenstein with a mouse and keyboard. I played Crysis, RAGE, and Left 4 Dead with a mouse and keyboard. 99 times out of a 100, if I’m playing a shooter, I want to use a mouse and keyboard.


It doesn’t hurt that these games look spectacular, either. Sure, Crysis and RAGE look pretty nifty on consoles, but they’re unmatched on PC. It’s a real feeling of accomplishment that my computer, built from blood, sweat, and tears (seriously, I cut myself a couple times, worked hard over the summer, and cried after the frustration from going back and forth to Micro Center and spending lots of money) could produce something this beautiful. It’s a great way to escape the struggles of work and relax with a game.


That’s right; I also use my computer for work. Whether it’s editing videos or writing articles, my desktop isn’t just a playground. That’s something a Steam Machine couldn’t necessarily do. So why would I drop $1000-plus on it when I can just build a new PC that can do everything I need it to?

Maybe I’m missing the bigger point, though: I’m not Valve’s target audience. Honestly, I don’t really want to bring my PC games into the living room. I’m comfortable with where they are. It’s understandable, however, what they’re doing. The console crowd is missing out on a lot of fantastic titles that are only available on PC. This will help bring them in to the “master race.”


Source- http://www.gamezone....i-m-unimpressed

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Toggle %s Battlefield 4 Multiplatform Patch Coming This Month

Posted By:  Trendzy @ 10 January 2014 - 05:26 PM



Some of the headaches you may be experiencing in Battlefield 4 could come to an end as soon as later this month. DICE said today on its support site that it will release a new multiplatform update for the military shooter sometime in the next few weeks.

The Swedish developer is currently finalizing this patch, but it's not clear what specific problems with Battlefield 4 it addresses. DICE is currently investigating a range of problems that continue to beset Battlefield 4.

As detailed through the Battlefield 4 Top Issues Tracker, one problem currently affecting all platforms relates to a "desynchronized" game world where objects have different states for different players. Other problems affecting all platforms include rubber-banding, frame rate drops, and some instances of players not taking damage even when they're shot


Source- http://www.evilavata...38;goto=newpost

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Toggle %s Why Sony's Ps4 Is Crushing Microsoft's Xbox One In Sales So Far

Posted By:  Trendzy @ 09 January 2014 - 06:07 PM


I’m the first to admit when I’m wrong, and when Microsoft MSFT -0.64% came out and said they sold 3M MMM -0.13% Xboxes in January, I said Sony would follow with their own numbers soon after. While I was right on that point, I was sorely mistaken thinking the two totals would be “pretty close.”

As we now know, Sony sold a massive 4.2M PS4s worldwide in 2013, which dwarfs Microsoft’s already impressive 3M number by quite a substantial sum. It’s particularly surprising given the fact that the console sales have been relatively close to date. Both systems sold 1M units within 24 hours of release. Microsoft hit 2M consoles sold about a week or so after Sony said they’d hit 2.1M. They were behind, but within striking distance.

As such, it stood to reason that after the holiday season, if Microsoft was announcing 3M consoles sold, Sony might come out and say they sold 3.3 or 3.4M. But 4.2? I think that surprised everyone.

Now it’s time to dig into the “why” of it. Why is Sony outselling Microsoft by such a wide margin these last six weeks? Though both totals are impressive by themselves, and 3M Xbox Ones is certainly record-setting for Microsoft, a 1.2M unit gap this early is fairly substantial.

There are a few factors at play here:

1. Territory release

Sony’s PS4 has been released in far more territories to date. The PS4 is being sold in 48 territories around the world while the Xbox One is only out in 13. This alone might account for a huge portion of the difference, though it should be said neither the One or PS4 are out in the all-important market of Japan yet, and that release will obviously pad Sony’s lead further.

2. Time of release

Technically, the PS4 has been out a week longer than the Xbox One as there was a difference between its North American release and its premiere two weeks later in other parts of the world. This could be some small factor, but not enough to explain much of the disparity.

3. Price

Lest we forget, the PS4 is $400 USD while the Xbox One is $500. Obviously that’s going to make it easier for Sony to move more units across the world at a lower price. The problem is that just because the One costs more, it’s not that Microsoft is making huge profits on it. It’s priced that way because of the added cost of the Kinect, so the margins of the two consoles are likely pretty similar.

4. Kinect

I’m willing to make this a factor all by itself. In my estimation, the Kinect still hasn’t proved its worth for Microsoft, and shown that it was worth increasing the price of the entire system. In addition to the $100 extra cost which most may not think worthwhile, there are still fears, however tinfoil hat-ish, about a US-made machine with a video and audio recorder permanently pointed at your living room. I think the Kinect prevents more sales than it brings in at this point, as its functionality is overshadowed by fear and sticker shock.

5. Lingering doubts

After the Xbox One launch fiasco where Microsoft was forced to change policy after policy regarding the system, there were bound to be some hard feelings with consumers who viewed the One as damaged in their eyes. This was bound to translate into a few lost sales during the initial launch window, but as things were relatively close until this point, it didn’t seem like much of a factor. But now with the holiday over, it seems when people were given the choice between the PS4 and One, they ended up choosing the PS4 more often, so perhaps hurt feelings and distrust still lingers.

So, is the Xbox One in trouble? Probably not. Six weeks is too early to start declaring anyone a winner or loser in a console generation, even if a 1.2M sales disparity this early is somewhat eyebrow-raising. The big headline here is that when combined, the two next-gen consoles have moved over seven million units in a little over a month, which is absolutely stunning by any metric. No one is “losing” the console war. Even if Microsoft is behind, their numbers are still incredibly impressive. It’s just that Sony has managed to pull ahead with a somewhat substantial early lead.

I will say that stacking the two up next to each other, given the capabilities of each system, the launch line-up and the price, the PS4 seems like the more appealing of the two at present. Both console’s exclusive game catalogs are pretty lackluster, and the PS4 may have a slight performance edge. But the biggest factor has to be the price, and the Kinect just has not justified its $100 additional cost to many. I expect the numbers would be a lot closer if Microsoft agreed to de-package the Kinect in order to sell a $400 One without it, but they’re determined to make fetch happen, so to speak. The Kinect may end up being the revolution it wants to be, but I don’t think we’re there yet.


Source- http://www.forbes.co...n-sales-so-far/

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